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  Hello all aspiring Pilots

We all know such a big field aviation is and the journey here is not at all hunky dory. It begins right from the start where, if we go wrong with our choices, we have to repent. Same was the case with me unfortunately. I started my training with a flying school in Texas in Addison Airport in Jan 2008. I was there over a year; I did my training with an instructor and he instructed me for 140 hours just for the reason that my short field landing was not perfect. I had no PPL and I ended up spending 20 lakh. I was all depressed about my training and went back to India. Then a friend told me about Dean International. I was still skeptical about my choice but had to give it a try. I entered Dean on 8th June 2011, and on 28th June 2011 with 5 hours of training and with immense support and impeccable training from my instructor, Mr. Wesley G Brady, I got my Private Pilot License. It all still seems unbelievable, but fortunately I owe this success only and only to Dean international and my instructor. The homely environment and lovely instructors like Mr. Brady just make it easy for the students to learn and achieve their dream. The instructors are very dedicated and they go all the way to give you the right kind of training required. I am now one of the fortunate students to have made the right choice to complete my CPL with Dean International and i know the goal is not too far!

Jan 2012


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