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  Dr. Epstein is the best in the business

I had the strip hair transplant procedure with Dr. Epstein 10 months ago. Two people recommended me to him; one was my dental cosmetologist here in Miami, and the other was my hair stylist, who obviously sees a lot of people who have been to him. I went to another doctor who was also highly recommended but the main difference that made me stick with Dr. Epstein was the difference in their manner. He has a very good bedside manner and is extremely knowledgeable. As busy as he is, he%u2019s calm and doesn't rush the consultation. He%u2019s straight to the point and clear. I really liked the testimonials from the book in his office. My results look natural and they have exceeded my expectations. I had an overall amazing experience. I have a 20 member staff and I recognize how much they can impact a customer. His staff is very courteous. They remembered my name. There isn't a lot of waiting time, they%u2019re very prompt. I%u2019ve already referred two patients to him who have had their procedures done already. I would say to just do it with your eyes closed. Don%u2019t even think about it, he%u2019s the best. He really is. I%u2019m a lawyer and I get to see the best lawyers in my profession. When you%u2019re a professional you can look at other professionals and can tell who is at the top of their game. Dr. Epstein is definitely at the top of his game. On a scale of one to five, I%u2019d have to give him a six. I don%u2019t think there is anybody in the country who could do the work he that he does better than him.

Jan 2014



  Thanks Dr. Epstein!

I have seen a really good improvement and I'm very please with the results. I've actually been getting a lot of compliments haha. Thanks for everything. And please thank Dr. Epstein for me !

Dec 2013



  He%u2019s a very good artist.

I had to get a lot of information on a repair Hair Transplant from Dr. Epstein s assistants. I held it off for a year because I was a little leery about it, but once I did it, it went very well and I realized that it was the best thing to do. They set me up with patients who already went through it with him, which helped a lot. The results are as good as I had expected. He specializes in repair on a higher, more productive level, and is the most efficient out of the other guys who could have done it. Hes a very good artist.

Jul 2012



  FUE hair transplant

From the consultation all the way through the surgery Dr. Epstein and his staff were grade A. The operation went smoothly, the staff was caring and friendly. Surprisingly, the recovery period was fast and virtually pain free. If I had to have the surgery again I have no doubt I would choose Dr. Epstein

Jun 2014



  Eyebrow procedure

I had an eyebrow procedure in Dr. Epstein%u2019s New York office and everything went great. Dr. Epstein made it as pleasant as possible. Everyone was real friendly and I would give all the highest marks for bedside manner. I would also rate Dan Grantham very high because he was so helpful. I don%u2019t have any complaints, it was entirely positive.

Oct 2012



  Everything about him and his organization is fantastic

I had a Hair Transplant with Dr. Epstein in September. I%u2019d been thinking about getting a Hair Transplant for probably 10 to 15 years but I%u2019ve never had the courage. Part of me always said, well, if I ever found a perfect doctor then I will have it done. I%u2019m in show business and different wig makers, hair designers and several people all gave me Dr. Epstein%u2019s number. I personally knew several people that had gone to him, including celebrities and Broadway performers, and his work speaks for him. It%u2019s amazing. So I thought, well, this is who it%u2019s going to be. From the moment I called it%u2019s been one of the best experiences that I%u2019ve gone through because of the care that everyone gives, the nurses, the staff, the receptionist and on top of it Dr. Epstein. It%u2019s been a fantastic experience because it%u2019s not just a surgery to make me aesthetically look better, it%u2019s also a surgery that helps with self-confidence and ego. Knowing that type of trust that I%u2019m giving to a doctor is amazing and Dr. Epstein was the perfect choice. I would definitely recommend him to others because he is the best at what he does. And I only recommend people who I know are worth it because I%u2019m a man of my word and he is worth it.

Nov 2012


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