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Roger Elkind is a private attorney who has been in the litigation business for over 20 years with a broad experience in both DUI & Criminal defense.


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DUI Attorney, Criminal Attorney, Family Law, Foreclosure Defense, Asset Protection, Traffic Tickets


Florida Bar, Chamber of Commerce

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Appointments available on nights & weekends. Mr. Elkind will travel to see you.




DUI Attorney, Criminal Attorney


  Thanks so much Roger!

My trial came and gone too. He is really worth talking to and hiring thanks so much Roger!

Jul 2011



  Great Lawyer. Very Professional

Roger did an excellent job. Very thorough and very experienced.

Apr 2013



  DUI lawyer in Miami

Most amazing DUI lawyer in Miami I have ever had! He is so good; I wanted to pay him more when we were done! I learnt so many things while and after my case was dismissed. I recommend him with all my heart!

Jul 2011



  Thanks for helping me Roger

I was searching to hire Miami criminal lawyers to get my case resolved. My partner suggested me to go with Roger Elkind, after I saw this DUI lawyer working with different people from Miami; I realized that he is really good. Coz he just stands by the defendant and does as much as he can to reach a fair decision in the court. He has excellent customer service and I would recommend everyone for this DUI lawyer.

Aug 2011



  Miami has the best!

It%u2019s incredible to know that a common person like Roger Elkind could do what other citizens can%u2019t. He has so many strengths and skill that left me with my mouth open. I saw him in the court in some occasions and I can give evidence of his great eloquence and smart ideas. I admire this DUI lawyer!

Jul 2011



  Roger Elkind one of the best DUI lawyers in Miami

Sometimes I feel that I cannot stop drinking and I wish I could. Last time I drove my car after drinking a lot and as my friends expected, I had an accident and my family had to look for a DUI lawyer in Miami to help me out and avoid seeing my life in terrible conditions. So, my father could get Roger Elkind one of the best DUI lawyers in Miami and he was the person who saved me and gave me more opportunities to go ahead and try to find solutions to my illness. At least I gave my car to my mom.

Jul 2011



  It%u2019s the first time in my life that I meet a person like Roger Elkind!

This man has a very strong personality and he is willing to do as possible and impossible to get his clients in a good position but the best of all is that he likes to work in DUI cases where the defendant is really a victim and deserves to be defended. I know many people think that normally lawyers work according to the money that%u2019s in the middle, and it%u2019s completely normal but most cases from this DUI lawyer are fair cases that highlight his job! Well, I support this man and I recommend him!

Jul 2011



  Excellent DUI lawyer!

As soon as I saw myself with some drinks in my head I knew that something wrong was about to happen and I did not have to think twice when I saw how my car got crushed with another. My mom has been remembering me that day and that causes me a lot of pain, she is extremely special for me and that situation was the worst I could give to her. But thanks to Roger Elkind, an excellent DUI lawyer! who I know since I was a teenager, I could save my life and my background! I learnt many things through that process and now I am dedicated to teach people my lesson!

Sep 2011


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