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Your Office Smarter TM, is the result of a decades of developing business networks. Offering complete managed voice and data systems that provide a virtual office and ultimate secure mobile voice and data. Break free from the time and hassle of running and maintaining your office infrastructure. Office cloud-based office tools streamline setup, minimize maintenance and reduce IT costs for all your applications, data, communications, and backup needs. Say goodbye to countless hours wasted with complicated upgrades, conflicting platforms, and fragmented infrastructure. Say hello to getting more business done with Office. One platform. No complications. More productivity. That's smart. We are a leading provider of converged web-based services founded in 1999, US Patent Pending. Your Office Smarter TM is dedicated to making business networking simple by providing fully managed collocated network systems and applications. We offer full service hosting, dedicated hosting, comprehensive management services and disaster prevention solutions. Your Office Smarter TM currently sells 500 plus Virtual Business Solution Components that provide bundled managed applications for our customers via the cloud. Your network needs Your Office Smarter TM managed & hosted services! Data and network integrity means unmatched security and reliability! Your system and its data is a vital organ of your company and most communication companies neglect to take all the necessary steps to safe guard their clients information. All too often IT companies do not take the proper steps to insure the quality and reliability of the networks they service. A few minutes of down time or data loss can cripple a business. Cloud technology is vital to your companies survival and success. Your Office Smarter TM number one priority is the reliability of the systems we have built for our clients. Your Office Smarter TM technology enables users secure access to information from, anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. Users also have access to all of their phone calls, voicemails, emails and faxes from any phone. Your Office Smarter TM offers an advanced voice system capable of receiving incoming faxes and voicemails with an automatic attendant that uses a dial-by-name directory and can re-route calls to any phone. Your Office Smarter TM allow clients to actively reduce IT and communications expenses, protect against loss of data and disaster downtime, while realizing a greater return on their invested resources through increased employee productivity and reduction in telecom costs. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact a representative at 212.981.1504. Replace your Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, and Public Telephone Switched Network with the Your Office Smarter TM or the cloud. WAN-LAN-PSTN=IAN. Clear your mind with fixed costs, security, reliability, continuity and productivity from the leader in Small & Medium Business Networking. Get back to what's important - Your Business. If you have any additional questions About Your Office Smarter TMor Office contact us at 212.981.1504.


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