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752 N Broad St Highway 115, Mooresville, NC, 28115


We are a full service facility for all makes and models from diesel pick-ups to over the road trucks, for fleets or private owners. No matter what your needs are, from regular maintenance to complete overhauls, we are here to help.

Diesel conversions are our specialty. We are the leader in diesel conversions in the Mooresville area. Give us a call and lets talk diesels. Diesel conversions are more affordable than you may think. Throw out that gas guzzlin boat anchor that powers your pick-up or medium duty truck and replace it with a Cummins diesel engine. In most cases it is a bolt-in application with only minor changes needing to be made. You will get better fuel mileage, more torque, and if you pull a trailer with your truck you will be amazed at the difference.


From minor repairs to complete overhauls, Diesel conversions and upgrades, Diesel performance for all diesels big and small, High performance engine building, Preventative maintenance, DOT inspections, Air conditioning repair and recharging, Welding, fabrication, and customization work.

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  Race City Diesel

I dropped off my truck to have it fixed last Tuesday, talked to Rob said he would have it ready by Friday. I asked that he call me and let me know what he found out. Never called. I called on Friday, was told he had been busy but would be working on Sat. I again asked that he called to let me know so I would worry about it all weekend. Never called. I went by there this morning, complained about the lack of communication, he said it would be ready tomorrow 10-8. He just called me and said he couldn't get to my truck and that the keys were in the cup holder and hung up on me. Now this is just plain poor customer service. I never leave my truck unlocked and since he hung up on me he had no idea if I could pick it up. To have my truck for almost a week and then tell me you don't have time. Use at your own risk.

Oct 2013



  Race City Diesel

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I went to Race City Diesel for a 4%u201D exhaust upgrade on my Ford F-550. Rob showed me the exhaust system he had on his F-250, which exited out the rear of his truck, and he said for $500.00 he would install the same on my truck. I agreed to the price and when Rob got the parts in I left my truck for 2 days. When I came to get my truck it was not finished. Rob said he could not get the over-axle pipe that he got in the kit to work on my truck. He assured me he would order the correct pipe and as soon as it came in he would finish the job. He insisted I pay the entire $500.00 that day in order to get my truck back. After a month of phone calls and me stopping in he finally admitted he could not get the pipe and said he would have to do something else. I suggested we simply run the pipe out in front of the rear wheels to simplify this process as I could no longer listen to the roar of the exhaust he stuck me with for 30 days. When exhaust exits underneath a vehicle it produces a horrendous roar. Rob agreed to that and today when I brought my truck in to be finished he agreed to refund me $100.00 as I wasn%u2019t getting the full exhaust system that we originally agreed upon. When I picked up the vehicle he refused to refund my $100.00 and was rude and told me he had plenty of customers and didn%u2019t care if I was unhappy. I would suggest finding a reputable alternative to this company if you need any work on your diesel.

Sep 2011



  NEVER get truck fixed here!!!!!!

DO NOT GET TRUCK FIXED HERE!!!!! We got our truck back with a bunch of things broken and/or not put back together right. They attempted to fix what we originally found wrong and gave us $150 back, but when we found more things not working later that day, like rear sensors and still leaking fluid, the owner refused and told us to go back to Gastonia. After the fact I noticed they have changed their name a few times, Race City Diesel, Trace City Truck and Exodus Diesel Research. I would recommend not going to this place to get any vehicle worked on or even looked at.

Jan 2015


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