Convenient Care
207 31st Ave Se, Moultrie, GA, 31768




  Terrible !!!!

I will make this as short as possible. I was skeptical of this place to begin with, but I figured I would give it a chance. The first visit was awful and expensive. I was told after the first visit the cost goes down. I decided to give them another chance because they scheduled me for a follow-up. It did not get any better at this place. Walk-in clinics are popping up everywhere. Staffing of these facilities are provided by Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. I have no problem with seeing either one of these Mid-level (yes MID-LEVEL!!! THEY ARE NOT DOCTORS!!) Practitioners as long as a physician is present. However, there are NO physicians at this site, yet they charge you almost the exact same price as the surrounding physician offices!!!! Again, the rate of which these walk-in clinics are opening is on the rise undermining the professional judgement of a licensed physician. My healthcare is deserves professional judgment of REAL doctors or at least the presence of a physician within the facility. What's more, is you pay Convenient Care about the same as you would pay physicians in Moultrie. In short, this place is all about money. The staff are unprofessional (especially Mrs Goodno and the nurses). The nurses (only 1 of which is an RN) are unorganized, disrespectful of patients, and seem very ignorant. I actually heard the RN and the other nurse making fun of an elderly gentlemen who had just walked out. I do not use the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy because Gregg Yarborough owns it. FYI he owns the Convenient Care facility. I find it a conflict of interest when the pharmacy and the clinic are owned by the same person. People wake up!! Don't you know the NP or PA will prescribe the drugs with the highest profit margin possible for their pharnacist boss?? This does not mean it is the best drug available NOR DOES IT MEAN YOU ARE GETTING THE CHEAPEST DRUG. It only means the drug will make the pharmacist next door more money. Again people, please, for the sake of your health, see a real doctor for almost the same price right down the road.

Jan 2013



  Convenient Care

I was really surprised when I read the other reviews because I have had nothing but positive experiences at Convenient Care. Everyone is really friendly and I have always gotten excellent treatment for myself and my family members. I have no problem using a nurse practitioner because they know as much as a doctor, and if it was a serious problem I feel they would refer the patient to a doctor. Personally, I think having the clinic and the pharmacy next door to each other is a brilliant idea and exactly what the name implies -- Convenient. And I took a prescription from my child's pediatrician in to the pharmacy a while back and they actually suggested a different medicine that costs less. I don't think anyone there is greedy... just a great bunch of people who provide excellent service in a timely manner. I recommend them to all my friends.

Feb 2014



  Awful Awful place and rude people

Take my advice PLEASE!!! The people here are rude. Goodno (the NP...yeah she is not a physician) is rude and unprofessional. This place was brought in by the same owner of the pharmacy next door. It is all about money and not patients. For a around $10.00 more you can go to Primary Care or Colquitt Family Care where physicians are available. Yes, for $10.00 more you can see someone who knows what they are talking about. Also, if you are in not go here. They will most definitely want to give you a shot of Toradol. You will pay $60.00 for it. It costs them less than half that. Furthermore, Goodno nor any other PA or NP can prescribe. C-II prescriptions. U will leave this place broke and in pain. More than likely they will schedule a follow-up visit so that they can charge you for another unnecessary office visit. When the owner owns the pharmacy next door to the clinic they own BEWARE!!! I have been to this place 3 times and I had a horrible experience each time. The first 2 times I figured they were new and probably needed some time to work out the kinks. Not true!!!! I went back 2 months later and it was still horrible here.

Jan 2013



  Jeopardized Healthcare

I found out the person who owns Convenient Care is the pharmacist who owns the pharmacy next door to it. It worries me because I have seen the nurse practitioner at Convenient Care prescribe drugs that aren't as nearly effective as other available drugs with the same or less cost. The owner of these two places knows which drugs make the most money. You may not know it, but the result of this dual ownership jeopardizes your well-being. More attention is being focused on making money. This is the worse case of greed I have ever seen in Moultrie. First the owner takes your money at Convenient Care, then he takes your money again when you pay inflated prices for your inferior prescription at his pharmacy next door. You see, the choice of treatment is biased due to the same owner sticking his selfish hands onto your wallet twice. Go to a facility where a BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIAN who is not affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry can treat you with an unbiased opinion. He or she will not be focused on simply lining their pockets but more focused on you getting well.

Jan 2013


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