IDO Center
22 E 49th St 3rd Fl, New York, NY, 10017


iDO Center Holistic Massage & Spa NYC focuses on therapy crucial to our clients needs for relaxing massage therapy in New York City, specializing in Swedish massage, Japanese Shiatsu massage, acupuncture treatment and more. Call for an appointment 212-599-5300

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  Great Discovery in Midtown Manhattan

New York City can be a very tiring place for a person visiting. Little relief in the $2.00 bottles of water that cost $1.00 in most places, but during my sightseeing I was recommended a place called the Ido Holistic Center. It was a Japanese place (which I thought might have been "another" type of establishment), but it was actually a legit place. A woman named Yuko explained a few things about shiatsu and chinese herb, and my session walking through Manhattan seemed like a breeze. Thanks to the Ido Center. NY seemed a bit friendlier.

Jun 2009



  Recharge Your Body, Mind, and Soul at Ido.

Last month, my life was consumed by tension. Upon noticing my worried state a friend recommended Shiatsu. When I first arrived at the Ido Holistic center I was a bit apprehensive, but after speaking with Yuko, a certified Shiatsu & Chinese Herb [Kanpo] specialist, I learned that Qi [energy] travels inside the body and is sometimes blocked by the stress of normal day-to-day activities. The consultation got especially informative when Yuko showed me how I can spot the Qi deficiencies throughout my body just by looking at my eyes and tongue. As soon as talking ended pressure point pushing began, and by the end of my Shiatsu session I felt lighter, like somebody took the weight off my shoulders. Since my session at Ido things that used to bother me dont seem as important or time consuming as they once did, which is awesome. Thanks Yuko for all your dedicated help. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody looking for a healthy way to improve his or her standard of living.

Jan 2009


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