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Looking for designer custom hats? Find nice mens and womens hats from our large selection. Worth & Worth, an online hat store, offers one of the largest selections of quality, trendy womens and mens hats with styles including wool caps, fur hats, formal hats, straw hats and handcrafted felt hats.


  They ruined my new hat

I brought in a new leather hat to have a chinstrap and hatband put on. During a long discussion with one of their minions, he explained how my current hatband was only glued on and would eventually detach, and that they would sew a new hatband on. After several weeks they called and said the hat was ready. When I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes. The new hatband was glued on. Except in a few places where it was tacked on, it was fully detached from the hat with a large visible gap all around and glue showing everywhere. They had removed a perfectly good sweatband and put on a new one that didn't even reach all the way around, and they left a fringe of a hundred loose threads hanging all the way around from their removing the sweatband. The hat was now starting to come apart at the seam. The clasp they put on the chinstrap was so tight you couldn't even move it. When I pointed all this out the minion ran and got his boss, Orlando, then hid himself in a back room. Orlando started by denying they had touched the hatband and said that the loose threads and detaching seam were like that when the hat was brought in. After he could no longer deny this was their doing and that the minion had messed up the order by writing "add sweatband" instead of "add hatband", Orlando didn't even offer to make any of this right, he merely said, "I'm sorry you feel that way, have a nice day." The bottom line is, they ruined a new expensive hat, they did a hack job on it and didn't care, and they don't stand behind their service. Apparently all they really care about is their house parties.

Nov 2010


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