Aiken-Augusta Window Tinting
847 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta, SC, 29841
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  The worst tinting shop in the CSRA

Upon arrival there where two guys throwing a disk golf frisbee in the shop next to a car being tinted. I made a comment about the men and asked that they not "throw" anything around my 2010 SS Camaro. When I returned to pick up my car they had made a complete mess of the interior. Dirt in seats, scuff marks on the door panels, and worst of all they had marked up both interior door panels with some sort of solvent. Resulting in streaks that cover both panels top to bottom! THEY HAVE STAINED THE INTERIOR OF MY BRAND NEW 2010 CAMARO!!!! I will never let any one I know do business with Aiken Augusta Window Tinting. I will be posting video and picks on my YouTube account ---> Matik_112

Sep 2009


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