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We offer Landscaping Services. Residential Landscaping Services. We offer Landscaping Services. Rototillerguy has served Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley with full service residential and commercial landscaping. We mainly work for residential landscaping clients; installing new lawns or repairing old lawns, preparing the soil for Vegetable Gardens or Flower Gardens, installing sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

We stand alone and are different than most of our competitors, because we actually do things the proper way, the tried and true way, the way a farmer would treat his fields on a farm.In the days when most families kept a milk cow and a flock of chickens, manure was a primary garden fertilizer. But with changes in food production practices and the advent of synthetic fertilizer in the 1930s, many gardeners stopped using manure. Today, organic gardeners have rediscovered the benefits of manure as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, and compost ingredient.We are using (non smelly) Composted Horse Manure that would have other wise been headed to the Land fill, so we are in fact being Green in two ways.

1.We are recycling and reusing a material that would other wise be discarded.

2.We are using an all natural product that is totally organic, and not using pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers.

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