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2244 N W 140th, Oklahoma City, OK, 73134


First established in 1948, and now four generations later, OConnors has grown into one of the largest power equipment dealers in the nation. For over 60 years, our philosophy has not changed. –Provide our customers a guaranteed low price without sacrificing customer service.



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riding mowers, zero turn mowers, push mowers


Retail store, mower repair


Ferris, Toro, Snapper, Honda, Echo, Stihl, Echo Bearcat, McLane, Simplicity, Shindaiwa

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  Horrible Customer Service!!!!!!!

Customer service is one of the worst. Their customer service is equivalent to walmarts. Ive now spent over $5k in their store with a zero turn, two different push mowers, a blower, an edger, and some other random odds and ends like weed killer, machetes, oil, etc. Every time i walk in there, they act like im some little kid and just ignore me. several times, ive walked in stood around for 10 minutes waiting for someone to come help me, and some older person walks in, and within 30 seconds, they walk over to them first. Also, they have no demo models!!!!! so you better know from just the eye popping colors of the machine that it will be what you want. And if you get it home and try it, and dont like it, too bad, they just made money, but u cant return it for something different. Their online website claims one price and then when you get in-store, its more, just because they have put a couple screws in for you., like $100 or more difference. Dont go there if your under 30, they will treat you like garbage!!

Aug 2014



  Don't Expect Repair Service

Do not buy a mower for O'Connors expecting them to provide you with good service just because you spent 10,000.00 with them. It won't happen. I took 2 mowers in for service at the end of the mowing season last year. One for repairs and one for a tune up and all new belts. I spent a lot of money. Mowed 6 1/2 acres once with the mower that had been repaired. Parts fell off and tore it up. Pulled out the mower that got a tune up and new belts. It doesn't run. It keeps flooding out. It ran great before I took it to O'Connors. I talked to the repair department. Evidently you can't expect more than 7 years out of a $10,000.00 zero turn mower that is well cared for and maintained if you buy it and get it serviced at O'Connors. As for the other mower. I can take it to O'Connors and they might get to it in 3 or 4 weeks. I just talked to my brother-in-law. He's got riding mowers and he's dealt with O'Connors before. His suggestion - pick it up and take it to another lawn mower repair shop. I'll keep you posted.

May 2012




I just had my blower serviced at O'Connors. They are great. When I moved here 10 year ago and had to buy lawn equipment, my neighbors all said O'Connors is the only place to go. They were right. Fantastic service.

Mar 2014


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