Poor Boys Gun & Pawn Shop
516 Broadway St, Paintsville, KY, 41240
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al 14

  Best Pawn Shop in the city,lowest prices than the other pawn shops,and friendly all the time.

Hey, Landon I went into this pawn shop called Poor Boys Gun and Pawn Shop.I went in and saw the collest guitars, guns, cases for the guitars and a bunch more. the were very friendly and very polite and well orginized. They cracked jokes every now and then liked every customer. They have reasonable hours. They also bargin at reasonable prices and they always have a smile. they have good products and they let no leave with a frown. If they like some thing and frown they let the price drop.they rock at every thing. that place is awsome you should go there and visit the like to see more people in there and leave with a smile. I go in and look nat stuff and ask me if i need help looking forr stuff and most of all that place is like a little placcce for me to hang out .I love it there!!!!

Sep 2009


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