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I had taken my dogs (toy poodle and chocolate lab) to Petsmart and when I got them home I could see that both dogs eyes were red, and my lab was bleeding on the top of his nose. After that I took them to Petco, and from now I will will only go to Petco. All of the groomers love my dogs and I can leave them knowing that they will not be abused. Ben is one of the best groomers there. He really takens his time with the dogs and they look AWESOME!! Petsmart should be shut down!! A word to the wise, EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THEIR PETS TO PETCO TO BE GROOMED!! Everyone in the grooming salon is wonderful and I have not ever had any issues with them, if you want something done they will do it the way you want and not how they think it would look good. I will continue to take my dogs to PETCO to be groomed for LIFE!!

Dec 2008



  the best ive been to ever

theres a new grooming manager there i love her.... the salon is clean and everyone is great in salon... i am now a lifer there i wouldnt even think about going anywhere else... i want everybody to know that this is the salon to go to.. they love what they do and u can see that right away.. my dog loves going there and ive never seen him act that way with other groomers before.. if u want a good place to go petco is it and there right next to toys r us so my son a i went there and to the mall while our marley was being groomed

Sep 2008


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