Crown Antiques & Collectibles
1018 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219
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Pittsburghs most unique antiques and collectibles store. In business since 1968, we have an unbelievable collection on 5 floors! Come in and browse for hours! We buy and sell, and appraise estates. We also give free verbal appraisals. Stop by today to see this unbelievable store!


MON: 11:00am - 06:00 pm

TUE: 11:00am - 06:00 pm

WED: 11:00am - 06:00 pm

FRI: 11:00am - 03:00 pm

SAT: 12:00am - 12:00 am

SUN: 12:00pm - 05:00 pm


Antique Jewelry, Carpeting, Sports Memorabilia


We Buy,5 Floors of Eclectic Collectibles

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  Crown Antiques & Collectibles

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  Crown Antiques & Collectibles

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