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"Greetings all! Thank you for stopping by! We are a 24 hour 7 day a week including holidays Passenger Shuttle Service by ""Reservations Only"" in the Portland Metro area!

Whether your looking for a small to large group shuttle for just about any event, we are proudly here to assist you with your transportation needs! We have 14-20 passenger vans, to 56 passenger shuttle busses! For the small groups of 1-4 passengers we have a SUV as well. We service Airport Shuttles, Winery Tours, Weddings, Bachelor Partys, and much much more!

We are a private shuttle company which means that 1. you do not have to share your ride with other strangers that some shuttle companys do. We do not go to different places picking up passengers, we only service each reservation one party or person at a time! 2. our fleet is unmarked on the out side but inside, we have the credentials onboard to identify each driver, and the business license as well as our commercial insurance id card.

Our rates are very simple, we only charge per each person! The rates are set per each location that you are needing your ride from. We do not charge mileage, wait time fees, or meter minutes. In fact, we do not have meters in any of our vehicles. When you place a reservation, we collect the fees upfront, this is done by a valid credit card, we then send you a confirmation number via email that informs you that you have reserved us for a ""total"" price we settle on. You also get a transaction receipt and that is it! We show up at the time you requested your ride and their is no other transactions or fees. You jump in, we transport, you jump out and go!

To get more information on the services we provide, we encourage you to visit us on our web site or call us at the number above. A dispatcher is eager to assist you any way they can! Thank you for your consideration and business. We look forward to seeing you all soon!"

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This company recently shuttled 17 of us for two days and I will tell every one that if your looking for a reliable inexpensive ride to where ever your going, my suggestion would be this company. We had booked them a month in advance and before I could call to see if they were at the hotel I stepped outside and they had already been waiting for us 10 minutes. After our two day event I was totally impressed with the bill, not to mention we didnt have to hassel around paying it because we had already payed a month in advance and our receipts were already processed. Just jump in and go hassel free service. I would recommend this company every time, and take the hassel stress free method for your transportation needs!! Beta group. NYC

Apr 2009


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