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Locally owned and operated. See us for all your needs.


Home audio video & computer audio products & integration, trade-in & consignment available


turntable set-up, home installation


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david james

  Selling used items as new

I was waiting for a new blu-ray player to be released, and called StereoTypes for information. They called back and said they were in, and I should come in and see it. I made the long journey to purchase one, but when I got there they said they only received one and it was their display model. They assured me they could get one quickly, and it would be there soon, which persuaded me to pay the full price for it then. After waiting two weeks without hearing from them I called and asked for status. They said they would contact the supplier and get one delivered as soon as possible. By this time they had been on sale on for a week, at the same price with free delivery. A few days later StereoTypes left me another message saying a courier would be delivering my blu-ray player the next day. Two days later they said it had been delivered and I could collect it. I collected the player the next day, but when I got home and unpacked it, I noticed the box had already been opened, the batteries had been installed in the remote, and the player had been powered up ( the first time you switch it on it runs a setup wizard, the second time it does not do this ). StereoTypes had repackaged their demo and sold it to me as new, hoping I would not notice, and lied about the courier delivering a new one. I had waited three weeks and received a used player, when I could have ordered it from Amazon and received a new item in a few days. I will not use StereoTypes again.

Jan 2010


maxx webster

  steriotype audio ........why is it here?

here i am trying to find theater make-up thru "" a search engine ....... and when i search for theatrical make-up in portland oregon pops up a link to STEREOTYPES AUDIO ...... stereo systems audio crap ... no stage make-up at this site .....WHY IS IT EVEN HERE ..... if i wanted audio/stereo crap thats what i would have searched for ......... you have cluttered up the page that i am on and what i NEED to find ...have wasted my time my review for you "STEREOTYPE AUDIO IS BAD ...BAD....BAD ....kind of like all that junk mail that we all get and just throw away

Jul 2009


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