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  So much for service.

Moved back in with my 90 year old grandmother recently, so she could come home (night "supervision" required, medically). Empire/Lusk bought out Havens, which had been providing her waste removal for years. Granted, she didn't produce much trash on her own, so the only reason there may be a problem now is that it's noticeable if there's no service on a weekly basis...but, that really shouldn't need to be considered as an explanation. Any which, we received no service the first two weeks in May. I moved in the next to last week of April (when she was released from the hospital), and didn't realize until we were unable to take the trash out because the cans were utterly full that garbage hadn't been collected. Finally noticing this and seeing how many bags were there (AT LEAST two weeks' worth, given our standard three or fewer bags a week--it might have been three weeks' worth, honestly, but I like to understate estimates), I called Havens and was directed to call Empire. Of course, apology was made as was the assurance that service would occur on the regular day, Friday. Later in the week, having been reduced to storing two bags of trash in the house, I called back to find out what time service would occur--wanted to make sure they got ALL the trash. No idea, they said--could be anytime, as it varies. So, I was offered the compromise of being notified by the driver when he arrived. Needless to say, that didn't happen. On the upside, at least, we were able to put the bags of trash out in the cans, that morning. Called the company back to find out why we weren't notified, though, and during conversation were assured that if we went over the six bag maximum for this past week's pick-up, there would be no additional charge. Well enough. Only no one picked up the trash last Friday, and as I didn't realize it until Saturday, there was nothing I could do until Tuesday (holiday weekend joy). Of course a dog got into the trash on Sunday, so that's grand, and now that I've spoken with Sloan at Empire, I've been assured that they will pick up on Friday, that they -MIGHT- be able to let me know when they're here (so I can bring the bags of trash out of the house again, as there's now one sitting in the kitchen waiting), and that because we didn't have 3 continual weeks of missed service, there'll be no price adjustment as they still "have to cover their cost of disposal." Lovely. Unfortunately, perusing the Attorney General's site have given no leads as to whether they've committed any legal infraction against us, so I'm just going to share my experience with everyone I can. While I shop for another waste management company, of course. ...I'm thinking about calling Fly-by-Nite. They may be a little more expensive, but heck, if we don't have to live with trash festering in the kitchen between missed pick-ups which we're still paying for, I'm sure it would be worth it. Still not gonna give them less than two stars, though--they do pick up..sometimes.

Jun 2011



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