Diamond Floor Solutions, formerly know as Diamond Cleaning Systems, has been in the business of concrete floors for more than 10 years. We use the latest equipment to give you the finest finish possible. We can make your polished concrete floor look like marble or granite or even customize for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to install those materials. Enjoy the richness and look of stone for much less with polished concrete floors by Diamond Floor Solutions. Find out why polished concrete floors are becoming so popular. Concrete is a new environmentally-friendly flooring alternative for residential and commercial applications. Polished concrete floors are a modern alternative to vinyl or wood flooring that is attractive, affordable and holds up to all kinds of abuse. Once only found in commercial buildings, they are becoming more popular in homes. With our grinding process we can remove coatings or grind down bumps. Concrete floors must be really flat and level to reduce tripping hazards. It requires precision work, equipment and skill to achieve the results you are looking for. Most of the floors we see have had other surfaces on them. Thin-Set, Mastic and other adhesives must be completely removed before a concrete floor can be polished or another surface, like wood, laminate or carpet can be installed. Let your inner artist run free and design a concrete floor to look like anything you want. We can make it look like marble, granite or any other natural rock. Get the look of a marble floor for a fraction of the price. The hardening chemicals also swell and fill in the pores present in the concrete, creating a much denser material that can be easily smoothed and polished. Polyurethane gives your floor a wet, glossy look or you can opt for a matte finish. It dries quickly and wont yellow when exposed to sunlight, although it doesnt last as long as epoxy. Some concrete floors, especially smaller residential applications, are one solid piece, but larger floors are often poured in pieces. This allows the floor to move with differences in temperature and requires joints.


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