Once And Again
114 N Howard St, Sabina, OH, 45169
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unhappy seller

  Once And Again

Took truck load of stuff into store.Told that I would get 50% of what ever they got for it. Over a month later, no money for things I sold and items not in store. Told that they can not tell me how much money I made as they do not keep that "record". I asked then how would they know how much to send me. Told me it is done by the "dailey ticket". I have never received a dime for any of the items (many were never opened brand new). Can't seem to get any type of answer. Will not make this mistake ever again. If I want to take something and not expect money for it I will go to Goodwill. I would give NO STAR for rating if it would let me do that, but it won't.

Apr 2013


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