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Evn as Israeli and

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Palestinian officials announced a cease-fire on Wednesday, halting eight

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of Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes

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there, the conflict extended its physical and psychological

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reach. Moira Dror, 58, a resident of Netiv Haasara, a

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village near the Gaza border that has been hit

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by rockets and mortar shells for a

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decade, said, %u201CObviously, people hope that this

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is going to stop the rockets coming

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over.%u201D %u201CBut nobody is giving us a promise,%u201D she said.

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%u201CIt is like a

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Band-Aid.%u201D Adecade ago, the crude

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rockets from Gaza reached as

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far as Sderot, the Israeli town

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about a mile from the Gaza border.

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But in this conflict,

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nearly half the Israeli population fund itself

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vulnerable to

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fire. In recent days,

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after Israel embarked on a military offensive meant to stop the persistent rocket fire that has plagued the south,

Nov 2012


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