911 Remediation
1736 Ellen Ave, San Jose, CA, 95112


Business mailing address in San Jose : 1072 S. De Anza Blvd, San Jose CA, 95129 Company main office address at: 5327 Jacuzzi St, Unit 4P, Richmond, CA94804 911 Remediation is licensed by the state of California, License No. 40013938,Contractors license number: 937118We have no retail store, this address is where we receive our mail.


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  Excellent job done!!!

My mother had a fire in her apartment and after the fire department put out the fire; her kitchen was covered in soot and ashes. There was also a good amount of water from the hoses. 911 Remediation did an amazing job %u2013 they are truly professionals and experts in removing water and dealing with fire damage. I would easily recommend them to anyone.

Jan 2012



  keep it up

We had a major mold problem at our home for several years and every mold removal company we approached, claimed that they could get rid of any type of mold for good. But it wasn%u2019t until we hired 911 Remediation%u2019s mold removal services, that we noticed real results.

Jul 2011



  very professional job.

I let my bathroom mold get out of control, so when it came time to clean the mold I couldn%u2019t do it. I got the # for 911 Remediation through a friend. I gave them a call and they had somebody over to see me right away. They were able to get rid out mold for me with no problem what so ever. I really valued there mild removal services because they gave great rates and did a very professional job.

Feb 2012



  Nice Work.

We live in a place where we experienced some really wicked weather and we had lot of downed trees, the rains came all of a sudden and we had a really wretched time with power offs. The insurance adjustor seemed merciless and he did not provide us with a big margin from our homeowner insurance. The flood stuff is done and gone, but we did not have appropriate flood cover. The flood did not spare us without water damage and remediation was inevitable. We had the flood damage and flood clean up done by 911 remediation just because they were approved by our insurance vendor; it was happiness peeping during disaster working with these guys; these guys provided a wonderful service, I regretted my flood cover, but the services of these guys was really wonderful.

May 2012


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