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Expert auto repair service and auto maintenance service for your Saab is now just a phone call away in California. Call us at South Bay Saab Repair, Inc. if you need expert care for your Saab Sedan, convertible, SUV, turbo, and wagon. Our factory certified Saab technicians offer expert factory repair and maintenance. We offer factory service bulletins, brake repair and maintenance, transmission replacement, air conditioning service, fuel injection service, upgrades, computer diagnostics, and more. We offer our expert service at very competitive rates. For your convenience, we offer a delivery service. With South Bay Saab Repair, you are assured that your Saab vehicle is getting the best auto repair and auto maintenance service as we have been in business for 15 years. When you need to keep your Saab vehicle in tip-top shape, visit us at South Bay Saab Repair. We guarantee your satisfaction in our auto repair and auto maintenance services.


New, used or reconditioned parts depending on your budget. Upgrades, too.


Repair, Mantenance, Service. Fuel injection, AC, scheduled maintenance, upgrades, computer diagnostics and testing.


Saab 900, Saab 9000, Saab 9-3, Saab 9-5, Saab SPG

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  Great Saab Mechanic

Andy (South Bay Saab) has been an ideal mechanic for my Saab experience. Over two year's time, he has resurrected my '88 900 turbo convertible and provide great expertise and pricing that you don't get with most mechanics, especially European cars. If you're lucky he even provides a loaner car free of charge! I am glad to know such a dependable mechanic.

May 2010



  excellent customer service, very knowledgeable & honest mechanics; all-around very comfortable exp

I brought my 94 SAAB in for repair after finding the business from a Google search. I had called a few places (mostly dealerships) listed for estimates on the work hours/cost and was completely blown away by Andys (South Bay SAAB) customer service and enthusiasm to get me on my way. He was very reasonable and desiring to make the experience a one-stop shop. And he has a very comfortable lounge (free wifi, beverages, snacks). Great experience; two thumbs up!

Mar 2009



  South Bay Saab Repair Inc.

Andy comes across as a warm hearted person, and will tell you that he likes to help people. At first, it seemed to be true, as we needed repairs on our Saab and couldn%u2019t afford the price that he quoted; he let us pay the bill over a 3 month period. This occurred twice. Being grateful, it never occurred to us that we were very likely being overcharged. I have since not only found that to be true, and Andy has conned my wife and I, and left our car with work that we paid for, undone, and in a life threatening condition. I feel foolish, as I have been conned before in a similar fashion %u2013 getting lured in by a seemingly nice guy, whom later conspires to steal from you. We recently needed a part replaced under the front left fender. Andy ordered the part, and later called to say it was in. We drove down to his shop and discovered that he had ordered the wrong part. Ally, had already written him a $100 check, and told him to keep it, expecting the new part to come in and being installed soon thereafter. After some time had passed, I called and told Andy that I was bringing in the car to have the installation done. He said OK, and I made an appointment. When I arrived, Miguel, his lead Mechanic, said that Andy was not there, and the part that he had was still not the right one - it had never been ordered. As I had been driving to his shop that morning, I noticed a shaking and vibration occurring when I accelerated quickly. Miguel checked under the car and found nothing loose. Later, I called Andy and a few days later, went back to have him check it out. He quoted me $550 for the part that would fix the problem. While there, we discussed upgrading his website. I produced the home page, banner, etc. He approved, and we discussed the layout of the remainder of the site. The site was nearly finished in February. We met and agreed on the final changes/additions to the site %u2013 Andy wanted to sell parts on the site and I agreed to incorporate a shopping cart on the on-line Store page. The website - southbaysaab,net went live soon thereafter. During the meeting, we agreed to my payment for the development of the site - Andy was to make the repairs to our Saab, listed on a document that specified the entire agreement between us. Andy had agreed to send me photos of the parts that he wished to sell on the site, but did not. Related phone calls & emails went unanswered. In early May, I created dummy products and completed the on-line Store page . All that I had agreed to was completed, but Andy has never completed the repairs on our car and refuses to respond to my emails, mail, and phone calls. Just before completing his website, I had taken my Saab to Andy, and he stated that all work except for the front fender, was completed - a lie, the shaking still existed!. Perhaps we are seen as an easy target, being seniors, I will be 80 years old in August, and I shared with him our financial hardship situation, thus exposing our vulnerability.

May 2013



  Honest, Reliable and Affordable

I took my car to South Bay Saab and met Andy. My 96 Saab needed a lot of work done and Andy did it all for me at a fair and reasonable price. South Bay Saab is reliable, fair and a great alternative to the higher cost Saab dealers/shops etc. Andy is my Saab mechanic now and Im bringing my friends and family to him too. Just nice to know that there are still some honest and fair priced mechanics who you can talk to and will listen to your needs. Andy is the man!

Sep 2008


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