Squeaky Clean Car Wash
3931 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM, 87507



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  Not so Squeaky Clean !!!!!!!!

BEWARE!!!!! Something is not Squeaky Clean at Squeaky Clean Car Wash in Santa Fe, I had a 42.00 car wash last month and I paid with my ATM card as a debit. That same day "Somebody" withdrew 100.00 from my checking account as a cash withdraw and then three days later they helped themselves to another 200.00 from my checking account and both withdraws show "Squeaky Clean car wash"!!! That car wash does not offer "Cash Back" and I did not go back there three days later to take out 200.00. "Somebody" knows that if they "Steal" under $500.00 that it would be considered a "misdemeanor" and that the Santa Fe police department would probably not even go after it. And if other visitors with out of State Atm cards do not check their bank statements carefully they probably would not know that the money was deducted from their accounts and if they did they would have to return to Santa Fe to file a police report and go through the same problems I had trying to file a report (it is NOT easy). If nobody else finds the time to file a police report then the police will do nothing and "Somebody" could be doing this to many customers and if there were no police reports filed then "Somebody" knows that nothing will be done. luckily my statement showed that the withdraws were at "Squeaky clean"so who could "Somebody" be?. It took me about 4 hours to file a police report regarding this situation which takes a lot of effort and waiting to find an officer to write up the report and the Detectives are going to investigate it when they have time (if at all). When I found out about this FRAUD I called my bank to put a hold on my card and now I have no access to my checking account funds for two weeks until the new card is sent to my Florida address and then sent to me out here. I talked with the owner of Squeaky Clean and he explained to me that "Somebody" in Cyberspace probably took the money from my account. I am going to keep on topn of the Santa Fe detectives and my bank investigators to make sure that "somebody" is caught. I am also going to report this to the local news media. Unfortunately I had another car wash at "Squeaky Clean" at the end of last month before I discovered that "Somebody" was pilfering my account so easily. If the Fraud adds up to over $500.00 it becomes a much more serious penalty and "Somebody" may be in a lot of trouble....Check your bank statements to make sure "Somebody" is not taking your money.....

Aug 2014



  Stay away from this place!

Stay away from this place! I went and had money stolen out of my car by the employees and the management was not responsive. The manager turned it around to make it my fault for leaving the money in the car (a bad move, I admit) and the owner did not return my calls, despite the fact that I left him a message that day and called twice in the weeks following. Im posting this review for both of the Squeaky Clean locations in Santa Fe because the owner is the same and I imagine he treats his customers with the same disrespect no matter which location they patronize. I was irresponsible and left money in my car, yes, but it was less than $10 and it was all in coins. So, the amount that was stolen is obviously negligible, but all the same, the owner should respond to phone messages left by upset customers. Its a basic rule of customer service. The best part of my story is that I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (I think businesses who engage in poor business practices need to be held accountable) and Squeaky Cleans response through the BBB was their side of the story regarding another incident where a customer had money stolen out of her car (a $100 bill). They have so many customers accuse their employees of stealing that they cant keep them straight. Thats a sign of shady business, folks.

Aug 2009


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