Burrito Bar
585 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY, 10310
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  This was an extremely bad experience, there was a fly in my food and the owners are rude.

I went in to this restaurant on a friday night around 10 oclock. We were not aknowledged when entering the bar area and waited as the bartender continued to ignore us as she went on with her conversation.After about 15 minutes she looked at us and immediatly sent us upstairs.When we got upstairs we were again ignored by the waitstaff and decided we should seat outselves.The busboy was prompt with chips and salsa but not with the water.When the waitress finally came up to us to get our order she didnt seem to realize we had no menus. After handing us menus she left again and did not return for some time.After finally recieving our food my husband found a small fly cooked into him chili rellenos. We alerted the waitress to this and the male owner came up to us to try to sweet talk to us a bunch of excuses why there would be flies in the food. He sent up another meal which my husband did not touch seeing as we were dont eating and he was disgusted.The meal was not taken off the bill. I would not suggest annyone looking to have a nice night out go to the place.

Nov 2009


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