Toney Discount Foods
9869 Pulaski Pike, Toney, AL, 35773
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  Toney's Food Mart

WARNING, THIS PLACE HAS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. If you order a pepperoni pizza the total is around 10.01. If you order a ham pizza with extra cheese it is 13.35. When I asked him about this he said ham and cheese dont count. How do ham and cheese not count as extra toppings on a pizza? I went ahead and paid the extra 3 dollars and some change and while I waited on my pizza he proceeded to make fun of me and tell the other customers I was mad because I could not afford my pizza. I put up with all this to get home and find out I guess they thought it would be funny to burn my pizza. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE BECAUSE THEY ARE LYING JERKS.

Jan 2012


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