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  Rescuing the animals from the rescuer

I will try to remain objective and tell all that I saw. When you first pull up there are horses on a dry lot with no hay. All with raised top lines, thin necks and a five rib count. Even if they are rescues, being a a dry lot with no hay is only going to encourage sand colic and does nothing for the weight rehabilitation. When you pull in to the lot you are greeted with a camper shell to the left, and a manure pile to the right of it. You then enter through the gates, go to the office and pay your $4.00 The first thing you see is a swan and a seagull. The pond is about 2-3" deep with algae. From there you go to the rabbit exhibit. They have a bowl of fruit in the center with a moat surrounding the enclosure that is also encased in 2-3" in algae. In this rabbit enclosure is a lot of rabbits that had just had babies. Rescues do not promote breeding as this only adds to the numbers they are trying to help. On we go to the British columbian wolves. They looked aged, but we found out they were a mere 4 years old. On we go to the cougar enclosure where you cannot see the cougar, nor can you see the New Guinea Singing Dog due to the high weeds in the enclosure. The alligator was about 7-8' long in an enclosure of about 20 x 20 with a "pond" that was also heavily encased in algae and about the size of a kiddie pool. There is NO WAY that alligator could have submerged himself fully, and if he did, I am sure that it would have helped with the algae problem by pushing the water and algae out of it. The bobcat had only one murky water source, which I suspect it had utilized for urination as bobcats will naturally urinate/defecate in water.. therefore they need TWO water sources. The Coati Mundi was in a 5 x 5 (approx) cage with a wooden V to the back to push her to the front. When we approached, she was hanging on the chain link with her head pressed against the wire.. a sign, imho of depression. When questioned where they got her from I was told that they "traded for her". The zebra was also in with another horse in a 20 x 20 pen also with no hay. The "barn" was a semi trailer cut out in areas to allow entry into it for shelter, and the ramp was askew and asking for an animal to fall and hurt itself. The bob cat was also a focal point of the most recent inspection in October of last year (the owners were not available for inspection when the USDA attempted to inspect in May of 2013) as they had no paper work of acquisition. You must have all documentation on where all the animals came from per USDA and FFWC. And they are a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Would I recommend ANYONE go there? NO. Would I donate? NO. That would further encourage them to acquire more animals as it seems in this person's view point that they are in way over their heads.

Oct 2013




This place is poorly run by people who have no education in the care of domestic or exotic animals. They are ill, unexercised, improperly sheltered and fed. There have been factual accounts of animals having scabies, open sores, and the fleas are everywhere. This place needs to be shut down immediately. How they ever got licensure for this facility (if you can call it that) is beyond me. These are simple folk who simply run a minimally run animal rescue from their trailer. Please don't support them. These animals deserve much better.

Dec 2010



  Skunkie Acres Riding Stables

Please give this facility as much as possible for donations. They are a single family and have gotten by on donations. mostly. I give by paypal when I can and I also advertise for them on Facebook. I adopted my sweet girl skunk from here and she is the light of my life and a great companion to my other female skunk. I am always referring others to them in hopes of finding as many homes as possible. PLEASE dont listen to such people with negative to say.I am sure they never gave a dollar to help out an animal in need .these people take in all kinds of animals and ask for nothing but a small amount of money and potential homes. They may have disabilities in life and even more reason to give them the respect they desreve. They are not anything but good people helping out the animals that need help!!!! I wished we had more good people in the world like these. I have done my share of rescue but its not a dop in the bucket compared to them. When you walk in theyre shoes them you might be able to judge and then I would not be quick to do so! God bless everyone at Skunkie Acres!

Jul 2011


animal caregiver

  Greatest Place to Visit

In reference to the letter of negativity pertaining to Skunkie Acres, I have visited Skunkie Acres on 2 occasions and I have rode their horses on one occasion. And I have talked at length with their guides and the family that operates Skunkie Acres. Obviously you have never visited Skunkie Acres in White Springs. Our experiences have been nothing short of fabulous. Their biggest concern is for the animals, they are a completely dedicated family. God Bless them and hop they ignore the nasty vibes coming from your letter. Our view of it is these are all untruth's. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself, visit Skunkie Acres. We don't have to get up at 2 am to go to a pond at 35 degrees to catch a wild duck that has been injured by an alligator and we did we would probably expect to get at least $25.00 and hour for these services. Skunkie Acres does these services and if you happen to be out of money they don't say call someone else. Their whole network is operated on donations so if you can top that good luck.

Apr 2011


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