Capital Meats Inc
3908 Valley Pike, Winchester, VA, 22602


Family owned since 1997, and founded in Winchester, Va.


All Natural Steak, Chicken, Pork and Worldwide Seafood


Home Delivery, Wholesale Meats, Restaurant Distributors

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fred h.

  Capital Meats Inc

They use individual contractors who are giving the company a bad name. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE. One guy was loading the freezer and the other guy was taking out the empty boxes. I offered to give them a hand, they tried to stop me from helping them 'cause there was still meat in the "empty" boxes. They we're taking the boxes back to their truck with my meat in it. Every one of my 3 cases had one smaller box of meat that had not been emptied. When I caught them, they apologized and said they just missed them. I checked every box taken to the truck and every box had my steaks in it. I should have called the cops. Plus you need the boxes for refunds, indentifying the meat, and cooking instructions.

Mar 2012


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