Taxi Latino
130 S Euclid Ave, Winchester, VA, 22601
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  GALAXY IN CAB,NO understand Eng/or/Span

I used the Taxi Latino recently always, with different drivers whom would NEVER tell me their names(s). I Left my Galaxy cell phone in the car. I called the company (in Espanol AND English) and the drivers acted like they 'NO UNDERSTAND ME' only addresses or times. When inquiring about phone in both languages: no response about checking the cab but most importantly, NO ONE AT THE COMPANY WOULD GIVE ME THEIR NAME(S)!!!!!

Mar 2016



  Taxi Latino

A driver from this company caused a near-accident with me at a one-lane bridge in this small town. He then flipped me off as I passed him, even though he had the yield sign and I had the right-of-way.

Dec 2012


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