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"Look at that one -- look at how his nose is up in the air."

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The big Boeing jetliner looked a bit odd to aircraft buff Fred Hayes as it neared the runway at San Francisco

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International Airport on Saturday. It seemed to be low, and its nose was tilted sharply upward.

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Then a banging sound echoed across the water,

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and the jet flipped nose-down and skidded in an orange-and-gray cloud. Hayes captured the scene on video while on a walk with

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his wife along San Francisco Bay, about a mile away."Oh, my God," Hayes said as Asiana Airlines Flight 214 tore into the tarmac and skidded across the ground. "Oh my God. Oh, my God. Oh, Lord have mercy."

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The crash-landing left two dead and hurt 182 people, six of whom were in critical condition Sunday. But 123 others walked away unhurt.

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Hayes and his family were on a weekend visit to San Francisco, where he had a job interview on Friday.

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He said he had been focusing on a taxiing United Airlines jet when the Asiana flight caught his eye.

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"When I caught the plane coming into view, everything looked fine at first until I kind of fixed my gaze on him,

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and I seen his nose up in the air," Hayes said. "And then I just totally locked on him.

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I thought he was going to take off and go up, and then he just kept going down."

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The Boeing 777 appeared "maybe a little lower than some of the other planes" as it approached, "but I couldn't say that for sure," he told CNN's Don Lemon. "My initial

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thought was that with the nose pitched up in the degree

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that it was that the pilot was maybe tryi

Jul 2013


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